GOOGLE SEO Changes 2015

GOOGLE has announced some vital changes with relation to websites, webpages ranking system. This could potentially affect present SEO system.

Since the beginning of 2015 Google what we call as the search giant has announced several changes to its algorithms which could hurt ranking system and bring a bomb impact on present search engine optimization system.

As we all know many of the websites which got into link baits trap of Google known as Google back hole are still on recovery mode yet Google is out weighted its search metrics again and again.

SEO is predominantly important for website ranking in search engines and these changes will surely hurt them.

Of course as a matter of fact many of the webmasters till date are meandering over with traffic exchanges, link exchanges, back hat, grey hat, link bombing, abusing keywords. These websites which are still dominating search engine ranking would be gone in long list.

Google SEO Metrics Algorithm Ranking Changes 2015:

1) Ranking based on facts.
2) Proper relevant references, citations if any.
3) Obscuring social media linkers

1) Ranking based on facts: To date many of the websites ranked for whatever they wanted, spammed the webpages with shit load of unwanted, non relevant data got high rankings while manipulating search engine rankings. Google now sees the facts verifiable and then indicates its system following the websites, webpages crawling and assigning relevant ranks.

2) Proper relevant references, citations if any:
Until date webmasters showcased many articles producing no relevancy of data authenticity nor were there any citations. This produced non proper idea where to pluck the origin from. Google seems to take this factor importantly and encompassing into its search metrics.

3) Obscuring Social Media Linkers:
I and you all know social media is one such platform which makes or breaks relationships, businesses.
People till date are ramping it like sweet honey with banana stick, blasting webpages in it to show how great and worth weight age they are worth. Google ranks till date ramping with social media signals has taken this step to eradicate such vicious traps.

Even though this may take sometime to implement on a much safer side GOOGLE has warned webmasters a great hump with it.

Please note: We do not use Facebook anymore. So don’t share it. FACEBOOK security system sucks:)

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Google Search Metrics Algorithm SEO Changes 2015

1) Sitepro News
2) Jayde INC
3) Google Hangouts,   

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Domain Name for Sale Flippa

Domain Name is on Sale at Flippa.

Hello People,

After running Gameforumer for nearly 5 Years now, I have decided to sell this domain at Market.

Brief History/Facts of Gameforumer:

Started: May 2010
Started for: Online Games Forum
Softwares Used: AEF Board, PHPBB, SMF
Destined: Blog
Softwares Used: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress
Final opt: WordPress
Total Time Frame: 4 Years 3 Months
Total Traffic Destined: 30K/month
Total Traffic Reached: 3K/month
Google PR: 2 in first 6 months/launch
Used Link Exchanges: No
Used SEO/Fiverr: No
Coverage Destined: MMORPG
Admin: 1
Twitter Pages: Yes (@Gameforumer_com)
Total Subscribers Destined: 70K
Total Subscribers Reached: 20
Used SEO Houses/Promotions: No
Run Errands: No
Used Freelancers: No
Used Article Writing Services: No
Domain Renewed: Till 2018

Why Sale???

No Time to keep.
No Cash in hand.
SEO Campaigns cost too much.
Press Releases are unaffordable.
Media Coverage bangs the Buck.
Cannot afford for Freelancers/Article Writing Services.
Low Pay in Real life.
Dependent on Blog for cash-> No Revenue.
Cost of Living too High(overall locations).
Monthly Food prices cost to sky/pricey.
Seldom Contributor.
Search Engines/Google Hates Me:)
No Vouches in Real Life.
Internet price rips my pocket.
I Cry when I see my Blog:)
I suck at SEO.
I suck at promoting my blog,
Visitors Suck.
Search Engines hates my blog due to me.
Facebook is Its own Moma’s F**ker
GOD ransacked me:)
Greedy, Lusty & blood thirsty Guy bombasting me with his people.
Heavy Hallucinations (No Money, No Richness, No Happiness)
No Girl in real life:)
Much More, can’t be listed here.

Sale Place: Flippa Market
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May Almighty GOD Bless You:)

Online gaming trend

Online Gaming Trend has evolved by ten times since long years.

In predicaments of nineties we had seen which were just countable, now we can find several thousands of online games in the gaming market.

Gaming market as a whole when we take into consideration we see topsy turvy with countless titles available and millions of people playing them. With the evolution of consoles to lucrative mobile cell phones also known as smart phones we can find an infinite graph flowing with no mere end.

Gaming is believed to have started with DOS platform as time elapsed it has gone beyond PC. Today we can find Gaming every where and in every sphere. Whatever we do in life that can be achieved or systematically played in game called simulation.

With the evolution of Games and internet Corporations focussing on production, marketing, publishing, distribution of games changed the concepts of gaming from PC gaming to internet gaming.

Today there are over thousands of online games with sheer thousands of game titles to play and players to choose from making it cumbersome.

Every single day we see new new online game title being released with huge difference in play style, difference in game economy, routine task variations making all the way to set a new target. With more and more game corporations competing to be the best and grab the players to its basket there is a huge surge created.

What do you think about the Online Gaming Trend?

Best MMO under 20 GB

There are lot of MMO out there that you can choose and go on playing but out of them very few are the Best 10 MMO under 20 GB.

1) Ragnarok Online
2) Flyff Online
3) Dragon Nest
4) Grand Fantasia
5) Gunz Online
6) Conqueror Online
7) Quake Online
8) Runescape
9) Ragnarok Online 2
10) Supreme Destiny

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3 reasons why facebook fan pages are useless, sucks

Facebook one of the most used social bookmarking site on the internet today.

When it comes to business many of them solely depend upon facebook for their approach be it in whatever sense.

Facebook allows branding, pages, groups as one of its prominent features lest personal users hooks apart here.

Facebook fan page is one of the most used module which lets many business houses to rely upon it instead of having their own website as it moulds the approach in various ways and allows maximum approach though there are various junks that non business corporates take into consideration and this hurts invariably in long run.

Today I will list 3 reasons why facebook fan page sucks

1) Facebook Pages also known as fan pages can get suspended or deleted permanently
2) Huge following is a must
3) Stupidity at the peak

The above are the reasons why gameforumer stopped using facebook totally.

One of the most freaky thing about facebook which goes unnoticed is that facebook takes things for granted even without proper intimation, nevertheless whether its users suffer or not, all the things simply gets hidden as security concern which looks silly majority of the time even probably kiddish in nature.

There are times when facebook retrogrades its page users for payment so much that users get busted off and run away from them not to mention hideous nature of ads campaign that stress goes into for business or corporate page sustenance.

Having Facebook for business branding is one side and dribbling off is another side.

In conclusion: Facebook fanpages are worth if and if you have what it takes if not 3 reasons why facebook fan pages sucks, useless applies to you.

10 mistakes online gamers make

There are 10 mistakes which gamers make while playing online games. So title “10 mistakes online gamers make”

Playing Online games is nice. Overdoing it is SIN

Remember the quote as it applies to every gamer playing internet online games.

Why this post? Wondering Why?

I have witnessed it personally being a gaming guy myself since tens of years, meeting gamers, walking to game corporations, scheduling interviews, running down to gaming cyber cafes all around the town, city all the time.

As such with my personal experience having tens of years of gaming experience I have come up with the list of mistakes numbering 10 which every gamer does normally while playing online games.

1) Grinding pointlessly
2) Running matchmaking
3) Aimless PvP
4) Paying money not worth
5) Goofing up
6) Night rumble
7) Over riding
8) Trying to manipulate economy
9) Faking
10) Butt Farting at others

Today most online internet games be it PC, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo, Mobile enabled platforms come with endless lores of maps, quests.
Majority of games are basing themselves on party play than solo play as such it is worthless to royal rumble goofing up with time grinding aimlessly.

Though each of the above points are self explanatory, I would not take a git bit to explain them as everyone have their own accord to base on.

In conclusion: Every internet game has its own factors though majority of game players make mistakes which succumb to 10 while playing online games.