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Hello Dear Gamers,

It’s about time as we are looking for people who can write reviews on MMORPG Online Games. We are looking for passionate gamers who play mmorpg online games with zeal.

We are looking for people who can write reviews and are good in English, who can write reviews with not less than 400 words with at least correct grammar and its typos.

Please remember, not to copy reviews from other MMO websites as it wouldn’t give you any ability nor any appeal for other gamers who come and look in and do not copy images from as you would have lot many good screen shots in the game [a good exposure too].

If you are interested, please send an email to with a subject head ‘MMORPG Online Game Reviewer’ and a brief Bio about yourself, which MMO’s you have played/playing now, which country you are from [locale], which language you are proficient with and more and please make sure to include a check of your favorite MMO or any MMO you would like to review with the not less than 400 words and your personal email to which you would like us to contact or keep in touch with you.

If we find it appealing and proper we will revert back to you and allow you to post in “” and your review will live even before we send confirmation letter to your email.

Thanks and Regards,

World of Warcraft still worth playing?

“World of Warcraft” is the most “popular MMORPG Online game” published by Blizzard Entertainment having servers across the globe with players counting around 400 millions.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft also called as “WoW” on short is one of “most played MMORPG” across the globe having development center in Germany and support centers in USA is based on pay2play  model even though Blizzard Entertainment allowed World of Warcraft played for free till level 20.

 I have played World of Warcraft till the end content yet I feel I haven’t quenched the Online Gaming thirst and I feel the same may be running through you guys too:)

I have payed like a hell to buy so may items, monthly subscriptions, OOPS amount of money and yet I feel that players who use mods, Ha*ks win the most, if you are like a player like me who tends to do things in legal ways then I would say that you better off from playing World of Warcraft in short as you tend to love the game and finally finding yourself in ditch status. Awch! I know how it hurts :<

I have had World of Warcraft game masters run to me and say YO!  Stop running on players.

World of Warcraft Gameplay

What I feel is that Blizzard Entertainment is milking money from players in the form of World of Warcraft game. I have too been the victim of “World of Warcraft game“. What to do I can’t leave without it! But I had to :(

I know you as a “World of Warcraft Online Game“player will surely disagree to this point If I say You are just a dumb ass to “play World of Warcraft“.

Yes, I have been a pom-pom buster when I am playing World of Warcraft.If you are paying just to play World of Warcraft by wasting countless hours, doing nothing in life, just hitting computer keyboard just to defeat some player, farming to get some gold, running through quests to get some dumb legendary weapon to get lastly banned!!! OMG LOL :>

That was my 2 cents on playing World of Warcraft :)  What do you think “Is Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Still Worth Playing?

Do let me know What do you think? In the comment form bellow :)

Dark Avenger new class enters Dragon Nest MMO Online Game

“Dark Avenger” a new special class enters “Dragon Nest MMO”, a game developed by Eyedentity games, published by Actoz Soft, Shanda Games.

Dragon Nest MMO Online Game

Dark Avenger, a special class is that cannot be enjoined as an advanced class of any class. This class has to created from scratch and yet has no advanced class.

What I found from various sources is that at around level 50 dark avenger would receive a unique ability what we call it as skill hat can be activated  only once and cannot be reused as the skill consumes 1 avenge every 3 seconds. Dark Avenger in dragon nest become formidably powerful  when he is in party and is buffed combined with his fire ability.

Yet what I am still confused ‘Whether Dark Avenger is hack and slash character it is just another play a like class in dragon nest online game?’

Dragon Nest Dark Avenger

When searched on Google I came across a video which shows the uniqueness of Dark avenger in Dragon Nest which I call as “Dragon Nest Dark Avenger Gameplay Video”

Eyedentity Games has released a “short intro video of Dark Avenger from Dragon Nest”

It seems that Dark Avenger is available in Korean Servers and I am not sure when Dark Avenger will be available in English and other Global Dragon Nest Servers.

Social Signals tending towards Facebook?? Lets dive into Social Media Marketing!!!

In today’s digital environment that we are living everyone has a website or a blog as such social media has become a book trend in search engine visibility, though not all social media marketers and search engine specialist would not agree to this point.

There was a time when you had just to launch your website with a set of keywords in it and boom your website would run down to rank 1 on search engine and as search engines are constantly evolving, its is becoming very tedious to rank up in search engines. I agree yes to those points that “If your website or blog already has enough search engine ranking or juice flowing in sacking up social media wouldn’t be a necessity!” as you anyways will rank up for any article you write no matter what!

Once a trend changes everything alt east majority of the chick changes and yes this applies even to s search engine marketing as well as social media marketing!!!

Today majority of the companies rely upon social media like Facebook, Twitter for most of their interactions as they know that social media platforms will not just sever their customer satisfaction purpose but also in bringing new customers to their business.

As per the latest posts in Google+ today, I saw a new info graphic which clearly showed how many people or business are using social media platforms and what percentage!

Lets get it straight:

Social media platforms share

Amongst all social media platforms:

  • Facebook platform shares 58%

  • Twitter platform shares 11%

  • Email platform shares 8%

  • Google Plus platform shares 7%

  • LinkedIn platform shares 2%

  • Pinterest platform shares 2%

  • Tumblr platform shares 2%

  • Reddit platform shares 2%

  • Vkontakte platform shares 2%

  • Digg platform shares 1%

  • Delicious platform shares 1%

  • Myspace platform shares 1%

  • Other platform shares 4%

As you see in the above social media platform statistics chart, Facebook platform owns the greatest percentage of social media signals, no to say Twitter does has some ability in itself.

Today Facebook is offering business pages, groups, instachat facilities though Facebook tends to have one of the worst security issues.

One of the most main issues to solve here arises when we think of social media tending much towards Facebook, and why not others?

What do you think? “Social Signals tending towards Facebook??”. Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section bellow :)

World of Warcraft – Blizzard Entertainment to dispatch WoW statues to players

World of Warcraft a massively hit and massively played MMO all around the world, published by Blizzard Entertainment is all set to celebrate its 10th Anniversary.

World of Warcraft - 10th anniversary

As a part of its 10th Anniversary celebrations Blizzard Entertainment has made arrangement to dispatch WoW statues to its players.

As per the Statues dispatched not all players would be eligible for Statue gifts. Blizzard has imposed strict rules.

  • Players from North America, USA, Canada, Oceania, Latin America are eligible for the gifts.

  • Europe players to receive this option soon.

  • Players who started to play or have created the “World of Warcraft game” Account within 60 days from the WoW starting in their region are only eligible

World of Warcraft - 10th anniversary gift notice

Regardless of this information available online, Blizzard Entertainment would send emails across to those players who are eligible for WoW game Statue Gifts.

Doesn’t this seem interesting offer, isn’t it?? If you are a WoW game Player or have started to “play World of Warcraft“, do check it out and let me know what do you think? In the comment section bellow :)

Playing MMO games leading Players to destruction? What do you think?

I have been Playing MMO Games (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) since ages now, and yet some where I feel that I have missed some point till now. I have seen many players harnessing their full time just playing Online games for hours to hours even without sipping a bit of water!!!

I was once the same way playing countless hours, sleepless nights just to acquire  some weapon, complete some quests, run into some mission, farm for gold, but ultimately when I did stop playing the MMO for a while I usually felt everything around me just pale and again squander wander thinking only of the online game that I played. Concocting what to do next? How to proceed? What stats or attributes to increase? were just the hings that were running in my mind.

I could not even leave a moment without thinking about playing MMO be it whatsoever the MMO game. Futile attempts until the game server gets shut down ultimately.

I have seen the same trauma with several of the online gamers investing countless hours, using apps such as Whats App, running around Facebook, calling, SMS, what not just to lead them to where? I am not quite sure.

What I did find after interviewing several players is that they are all just obsessed with playing Online Games and nothing else, Just leave them in front of a computer connected to the internet having their MMO installed and you will see how immersed they become in playing!!!

What one question that runs in my mind is that “Where is playing MMO Games leading the players to?” I believe this is the same question you also would be nailing on. AM I right??

I have seen several people who are immersed in MMO Games for an instance getting into trouble with public and in public places in the same mood that they were while playing as if though that place were their MMO Game field. Their ways of interacting with public, actions performed, body language, loneliness, absurd behavior, over maturity in various ways are the only ones that they display. Getting to fights is the best part that you could ever see them. I have even heard of news of kids kicking the b*tts of others thinking that they are the heroes of their uncommon behaviors.

Jumping off the school, colleges, work and running down to play Online games is their best activity that will surely do and we suits them a lot but have you ever wondered how does these activities help them?? In what ways?? How vital are theses activities?? I am so practically confused whether “Playing MMO games is leading players to destruction??”

What do you think?? Let me know, leave your thoughts bellow in the comments :)