[G*Star 2011 Preview] NCsoft prepares Guild Wars 2 and…

From what I know, Guild Wars did not exactly do very well in South Korea, perhaps due to the level limitation which goes against the flow of traditional Korean games. But with Guild Wars 2 having an open persistent world now and a much higher level cap, NCsoft seems to be hoping the title will now suit the appetite of the native Korean gamers.

At G*Star 2011, Guild Wars 2 will have its very own themed booth, as seen in the concept art pieces here. Together with a NCsoft theater room equipped with a giant screen and 5.1 channel sound system, seen last year as well, a new Guild Wars 2 trailer will be played.

But that is not all! According to all the Korean gaming websites I follow, NCsoft will also be displaying the debut trailer of an unannounced title, with rumors claiming it will be the game coming after Blade Soul launches. I did post about this before in my Facebook page, and it seems the rumors were slightly true after all.

Amit Teli