[G*Star 2011 Preview] NCsoft to reveal Lineage sequel ?

As reported earlier (link), NCsoft will be showcasing the debut trailer of a yet-unannounced MMORPG. According to various foreign websites, this will be the game to top both Aion and Blade Soul (even before it s out). While rumors raged on about what game it will be, the odds on favorite will be a successor to the Lineage series.

Why is this so? Well, go to this website, http://lineageforever.com, and check out where it lands. NCsoft never denied Lineage 3 to be in development, but it was merely delayed after a huge chunk of the team departed to work on TERA. Will G*Star 2011 be the day Lineage 3 sees the light? I certainly think so.

Amit Teli