Luna Story: ELs (KR)

Looks like Eyasoft is back in business after facing some financial troubles earlier on, which was partially helped by Nexon Korea buying some of the company’s shares. Business side apart, this is Luna Story: Els, a sequel to both Luna Online and Luna Plus, taking place in the familiar Blueland as well.

If you are wondering what does “ELs” stands for, it is actually the new core feature which will be found in this game. El, in singular form, stands for the new pet beings players will obtain. The focus now is apparently on this El system, which will aid players during battles and provide companionship as well. Players can choose to manually control the Els,although they can be just as effective if the automated command is set.

Els will learn skills, have different grades and levels and also an indepth growth system. If you have played AIKA Online, it will be something like an upgrade of the Pran system. In development will be more features circling around the Els, including housing, farming, and even a smart phone app which lets players interact with them and while on the move and gain extra rewards. Treat it as a second in-game world just for them!

The other feature revealed so far will be the instanced dungeons, coined as the “Infinity Dungeon” system. While not being fully revealed, it is said that dungeons will evolve and introduce new monsters and areas as players level up and re-visit them, hence there will be constant surprises and hidden content each time and players will not get bored. This is something like active scaling if I am not wrong.

I was just about to miss out on the character classes available. The 4 basic classes are Swordman, Assassin, Gun Shooter and Magician. I expect a large class tress similar to the game’s predecessors to be revealed in time to come.

Luna Story: ELs is scheduled to enter Closed Beta something in Q1 2012, with the game receiving much praises from overseas publishers in the Business to Business (B2B) area during G*Star 2011. Stay tuned for more info!

Amit Teli