Total War Conversion Mod Brings Zelda’s Hyrule to PC

While there is a constant flow of interesting mods being released for PC games, it’s not every day you see one that can really turn some heads (and make console gamers jealous in the process). Hyrule: Total War looks like one of those mods.

As the name implies, this is a conversion mod for a Total War game (Medieval II: Total War, specifically) which brings the races of the Zelda universe into The Creative Assembly’s 2006 RTS. It’s yet to be completed, but a demo is currently available that contains 16 different Zelda factions including the kingdom of Hyrule, Gorons, Zora, Deku tribes, Sheikah, Kokiri, and more.

The current demo only contains support for custom battles, multiplayer, and quick battles; there is no campaign or custom sound effects as of yet. There are plans for a full campaign and an expanded list of weaponry and units for each of the factions.

The most recent version added the intro cinematic seen in the video above, among other things. The video below features a better look at some gameplay.

Instructions on how to download and patch the game, as well as more in-depth information on plans for future updates can all be found at the Total War Center forums here. The demo is a free download but you will need Medieval II in order to play. As it’s a five-year-old game, that isn’t much of a problem — Steam has the standard and Gold versions of it for only $9.99.

Source: GameSpy

Amit Teli