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Online gaming trend

Online Gaming Trend has evolved by ten times since long years.

In predicaments of nineties we had seen which were just countable, now we can find several thousands of online games in the gaming market.

Gaming market as a whole when we take into consideration we see topsy turvy with countless titles available and millions of people playing them. With the evolution of consoles to lucrative mobile cell phones also known as smart phones we can find an infinite graph flowing with no mere end.

Gaming is believed to have started with DOS platform as time elapsed it has gone beyond PC. Today we can find Gaming every where and in every sphere. Whatever we do in life that can be achieved or systematically played in game called simulation.

With the evolution of Games and internet Corporations focussing on production, marketing, publishing, distribution of games changed the concepts of gaming from PC gaming to internet gaming.

Today there are over thousands of online games with sheer thousands of game titles to play and players to choose from making it cumbersome.

Every single day we see new new online game title being released with huge difference in play style, difference in game economy, routine task variations making all the way to set a new target. With more and more game corporations competing to be the best and grab the players to its basket there is a huge surge created.

What do you think about the Online Gaming Trend?

Best MMO under 20 GB

There are lot of MMO out there that you can choose and go on playing but out of them very few are the Best 10 MMO under 20 GB.

1) Ragnarok Online
2) Flyff Online
3) Dragon Nest
4) Grand Fantasia
5) Gunz Online
6) Conqueror Online
7) Quake Online
8) Runescape
9) Ragnarok Online 2
10) Supreme Destiny

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3 reasons why facebook fan pages are useless, sucks

Facebook one of the most used social bookmarking site on the internet today.

When it comes to business many of them solely depend upon facebook for their approach be it in whatever sense.

Facebook allows branding, pages, groups as one of its prominent features lest personal users hooks apart here.

Facebook fan page is one of the most used module which lets many business houses to rely upon it instead of having their own website as it moulds the approach in various ways and allows maximum approach though there are various junks that non business corporates take into consideration and this hurts invariably in long run.

Today I will list 3 reasons why facebook fan page sucks

1) Facebook Pages also known as fan pages can get suspended or deleted permanently
2) Huge following is a must
3) Stupidity at the peak

The above are the reasons why gameforumer stopped using facebook totally.

One of the most freaky thing about facebook which goes unnoticed is that facebook takes things for granted even without proper intimation, nevertheless whether its users suffer or not, all the things simply gets hidden as security concern which looks silly majority of the time even probably kiddish in nature.

There are times when facebook retrogrades its page users for payment so much that users get busted off and run away from them not to mention hideous nature of ads campaign that stress goes into for business or corporate page sustenance.

Having Facebook for business branding is one side and dribbling off is another side.

In conclusion: Facebook fanpages are worth if and if you have what it takes if not 3 reasons why facebook fan pages sucks, useless applies to you.

10 mistakes online gamers make

There are 10 mistakes which gamers make while playing online games. So title “10 mistakes online gamers make”

Playing Online games is nice. Overdoing it is SIN

Remember the quote as it applies to every gamer playing internet online games.

Why this post? Wondering Why?

I have witnessed it personally being a gaming guy myself since tens of years, meeting gamers, walking to game corporations, scheduling interviews, running down to gaming cyber cafes all around the town, city all the time.

As such with my personal experience having tens of years of gaming experience I have come up with the list of mistakes numbering 10 which every gamer does normally while playing online games.

1) Grinding pointlessly
2) Running matchmaking
3) Aimless PvP
4) Paying money not worth
5) Goofing up
6) Night rumble
7) Over riding
8) Trying to manipulate economy
9) Faking
10) Butt Farting at others

Today most online internet games be it PC, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo, Mobile enabled platforms come with endless lores of maps, quests.
Majority of games are basing themselves on party play than solo play as such it is worthless to royal rumble goofing up with time grinding aimlessly.

Though each of the above points are self explanatory, I would not take a git bit to explain them as everyone have their own accord to base on.

In conclusion: Every internet game has its own factors though majority of game players make mistakes which succumb to 10 while playing online games.

How playing online games can hook, affect people

Playing mmorpg online games can get players over night hook.

OK, today in this post I am going to say how playing mmorpg gaming can get hook players overnight.

I will take you through a story for this instead :)

Once there was a boy started his massively multiplayer gaming expedition with an mmo roleplaying online game called RAGNAROK ONLINE.

He played it for a quite a while and this continued for quite number of weeks to days followed by months. In the course of time he got so much hooked to play the game that he started leaving his food, forgot nature calls.

After six months juncture of gaming online he got so much hooked that he could not even leave without thinking about it. Time followed as he even more crash landed into playing online game Ragnarok Online here though:). He was so much into the game that he would not even think anything apart from it. Dreaming, eating, mating, morning works all revolved and centered around it.

In the meanwhile even without his knowledge the taste of this grown so much that he started fighting with his family members to allow him to continue to play online games. Somehow hook or crook he wanted to play which he got abruptly and he continued his gaming expedition so much that neither or night made no difference to him. He started to only opt for people who were in the same line as he.

He started bunking or leaving college between the routine hours running away to cyber gaming cafes nearby just to play online games errr Ragnarok Online here:)

He later finding his co gamers submerged into other online games he sooner drifted playing them though keeping his current expedition on the way. Shifting.
to other gaming cafes around the city became a part of his routine not to mention the money he spent and yet finding lonely everywhere.

This continued for years to come.
One day he found that his expedition is about to end as his primary mmorpg online game server was about to be officially closed forever and this toiled around him so much that he was about to fall dizzy.

As time unfolded he shuffled around many genre of internet games and finally not finding any hope nor any mmo even coming closer to the primary one he ramped across different internet gaming cafes. Upon lurking for weeks he later found that everyone had he saw playing online games had quit and nobody were coming anymore as they had better business to do in life. This changed his mind drastically.

He applied for Gaming jobs in job portals but no hope, most of the calls landed to him were offered so less salary that did not come closer to the time and amount of money he used to spent for playing online games.

Find no hope, discouraged by this despite being a Bachelor Graduate he could not venture into any jobs neither did his gaming experience do any good.

Turning around bushes he rammed from industry to industry types, finally about three years later got into BPO/Call Center job even though the pay was enormously lower for the work he did and the money he had spent for the gaming expedition!

None, practically none of the BPO/Call Center companies suited him, he jumped, took break again and again he got new opportunities but with lower payments. Unable to sustain with this he wasted his life.
Having experience for around Six years of work experience in hand he walked into every interview as a Fresher or a entry level employee. Many turned him down, some ridiculed at him. Roaming all around the city attending interviews at recruitment agencies, job consultancies, man power agencies, HR houses, direct walk in to companies brought in another expenditure into his life.

He did not even find a job that came closer to his satisfaction there was vast sea like gap between him and the organisations he was working in. He tried for leadership positions, manger positions for which he did not even get a heed.

Finding no hope of life his journey still continues…

So now I have explained with an example how playing online games will get players hooked into them with a live story like example.

Do let me know what do you think in the comment box bellow :)

3 Simple Steps to increase your Website Traffic

Traffic plays a major part for any website. Without traffic no website can exist.

What is the use of having the best website if no one ever sees it?

When we speak of website SEO comes into play. When we speak about seo we must at least know what it is.

Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing the websites and making them search engine friendly, so that the websites can rank in search engines whereby inflow of traffic happens.

It is not so simple as we speak, in today world where websites can be found in almost all the categories, ranking websites & increasing traffic for websites is the most difficult and typical part not to mention the competition.

Having said so, it is still not difficult to rank in search engines or increase website traffic.

Bellow are few ways that I have outlined that will surely work in order to increase in traffic for websites:

Traffic can be divided into 4 parts viz.,  Proper SEO, Content, Submission. OK now we shall have these outlined properly:

1) Proper SEO
2) Content
3) Submission

Now each of these parts can be further divided into:

1) Proper SEO
    * Title Tag Optimization
    *  Description
    *  Keywords
2) Content
    *  Optimizing for Human Readers
    *  Optimizing for Search Engines
    *  Image optimization

3) Submission
    *  Submitting to search Engines
    *  Using Ping Tools

Note that I have not mentioned about directory submission, commenting, guest posting, link building. Since they do not carry the same weight anymore as they used to do before.

Lets get into each of the above mentioned aspects.

1) Proper SEO: Having the website optimized properly with not only help in ranking of websites but also increases traffic inflow

  *  Title Tag Optimization: Having relevant and proper title not only helps search engines place your websites accordingly but also helps people find your website whereby increasing the traffic of your website

  *  Description: Having relevant and meaningful description helps search engines and people to find your website accurately.

Keywords: Having relevant keywords in title, description plays a vital role as a part of SEO

Properly optimizing websites in accordance to SEO does not only help your websites grow but also does marketing in itself whereby helping your websites in reaching more and newer audience making a way for influx in traffic for your websites.

2)  Content: Content form a unique place in increasing website traffic.

Content is the King. It plays a vital role in SEO, increasing website ranks & increase in website traffic

What is the use if you have the best website and no content in it?

Optimizing Content for Human Beings: When it comes to content Human are the readers and not robots. Humans understand what your website is all about and robots do not as such optimizing content for Human Beings not only helps in increasing traffic but also Humans tend to share the content with their likings. After all we are all humans, I mean people.

Optimizing Content for Search Engines: Search Engines are robots automated by software engineers working in web giants like Google.

Search Engines are set of bots containing set of programs which are programmed with algorithms
and follow set of predefined protocols as such they only spider your website content indexing word to word matching & verifying with their protocol. Example:
Google bot

Your websites receive around 30% of traffic from search engines if your websites gets targeted visitor and search engine page 1 if not search engines just index and verify your website with predefined protocols. These bots will never read your website but only index your website content in search engines.

Optimizing your website content for search engine will only help in placing your content in search engines and nothing more.

3)  Submission: Submitting your website and its content will help your website to show that it is still alive and search engines to come back to it.

Submitting to Search Engines: When you submit your website to search engines, you are saying ‘Yo SE Come Here There Is Something You Are Looking For’.

Lets imagine you have got new post/article which you have published in your website, you want the whole world to know about it. How do you do it? Just go ahead and submit it to Search Engines like Google.

* Using Ping Tools: Ping tools helps you to submit your websites, its content to most of the search engines at once.

Do note that, Submitting your website and its content to search engines is a manual process and by using ping tools you automate the process.

WordPress (Free & Self Hosted) has inbuilt pinging process which reduces your time to submit your website every time you update the content.

I have revealed every thing I know that will surely help you in increasing traffic for your websites. Please let me know if you have anything else.

Speak your mind. Leave your comment bellow

Ragnarok Online Swordsman Build- Guides

Ragnarok Online is one of the most played MMORPG with around 40 million players around the globe having globally distributed official servers. When it comes to class or job distribution majority of players choose Swordsman as their primary class.

Let me shed some light on Swordsman class of Ragnarok Online Game:
Swordsman in Ragnarok Online is primarily a melee class and with traction of defense.

I have played all of the classes or jobs in Ragnarok Online and this guide comes out of my personal experience.

Swordsman as in most Massively Multiplayer Online Games is a front liner in every war including party & in raids. Their daring to attack anyone with heavy swords or axe attacks combined with high defense enamored with heavy armors is what that makes swordsman a unique amongst other classes not to forget their high health points which makes them stand out in crowd.

Swordsman are primarily considered a foot soldiers with variety of lance, axe, swords as equipments dealing massive amounts of damages to enemies.

Pros and Cons of Swordsman Class in Ragnarok Online Game:


1) Melee type
2) High Damage
3) High Health Points when compared to other Class
4) Hands on lances, axes, swords
5) Can solo
6) Accepted in many parties
7) Must in wars
8) Most played Class


1) Only strong in 1vs1 battles
2) Cannot hurl their skills in long ranges
3) Requires lot of time to play (time consuming)
4) Gets strong in higher levels
5) Mostly depends on equipments including stats
6) Can be easily torn down by mobs of party
7) Close battle specialist

Having said that I know that not all players will accept my words as I make my point when it comes to experience.

When we look closely at certain pitfalls swordsman in Ragnarok Online unlike other mmos start out quite weak and due course of time with leveling become strong to dominate over others.

I will now take you through Stats of Swordsman class/job of Ragnarok Online MMO Game

Swordsman as mentioned before are melee class and hence they rely upon their strength for versatility.

STR = Strength
VIT = Vitality
DEX = Dexterity
INT = Intelligence

Hmm… Feeling quite confused?

Let me try to make it simple for you:)

Strength in Ragnarok Online helps in doing max damage

Vitality in Ragnarok Online helps in increasing health points

Dexterity in Ragnarok Online helps in evading, reduced skill cast time, increases accuracy

Intelligence is optional as it primarily increases skill points required for casting skills

Luck is not at all required for Swordsman class, as such I have not mentioned here.

Now we shall focus on Various stats settings

Ragnarok Online Swordsman Stats:

STR – Max
VIT – Sub Max
DEX – Add if stat points remain
INT- Optional

The above stat distribution applies to all varieties of swordsman build in ragnarok online, however there are other builds many players do opt for.

Ragnarok Online Swordsman Build 1:

VIT – Max
SRT – Sub Max
DEX – Add if stat points remain
INT – Optional

Ragnarok Online Swordsman Build 2:

STR – Max
DEX & VIT – Distribute stat points equally
INT – Add points if stat points remain

Ragnarok Online Swordsman Build 3:

SRT – Max
DEX – Sub max
VIT – Add remaining stat points
INT – Optional

Ragnarok Online Swordsman Build 4:

STR & VIT – Distribute stat points equally
DEX & INT – Distribute Stat points equally

Ragnarok Online Swordsman Build 5:

SRT & VIT: Add all the stat points equally. NO OTHER STATS

Ragnarok Online Swordsman Build 6:

STR & DEX – Add all the stat points equally. NO OTHER STATS

If you want to try Hybrid build for Swordsman in Ragnarok Online then you may go ahead and junk up all the stat points into VIT, DEX & INT yet keeping STR as the max.

In ragnarok online mmorpg game, STR does not only increases attack rate but also the max items a character can carry in the inventory as inventory capacity is limited to 50% and when 50% gets reached character becomes overweight and health point auto generation stops, making life harder.

I have given all possible builds for swordsman class/job in Ragnarok Online. Yet I am so sure many players will argue with me over this. So the only catch here is to opt in for a stat reset or redo the character if you ever commit a blunder.

Each of these build or attributes will not only increase your gameplay but also help in grabbing other players towards you:)

In this post/article I am not going to take you through Skills as I would have I would love to do it another post soon:)

I wish you all luck in your journey in Rune Midgard from Gameforumer.

Ragnarok Online Game – Swordsman Build. Speak your mind. Leave your comments bellow.